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Did you know there are over 70 million vehicles with open recalls?

That is 27% of cars on the road.

While some of these recalls are for minor repairs, last year alone there were over 90 recalls for airbags and 21 different recalls for brakes.

These are major safety concerns that should be fixed, yet millions of people, including your customers keep driving.

That is why we have created the safety first recall program.

We pay special attention to selecting recalls that are essential safety repairs that reinforce the positive branding of the dealership.  This system is of benefit to the service division but also provides an opportunity for new car showroom leads.

Here is how it works: We can estimate the number of recall vehicles available in your market area and suppress anyone that has already been to your dealership for the pertinent recall service.

We then create a multi-touch sales funnel using a combination of email, ringless voicemail, text and direct mail.

This is the  most cost-effective program with more touches than any other current recall program.

Contact us today and speak with a sales representative.  Find out how you can grow your dealerships service and sales department and most importantly keep your customers safe.