We send the right ads to the right people at the right time! 

Using the latest digital marketing technologies, the Encompass Marketing Buyer Application Program delivers up to 100 high-quality buyer applications to your inbox every single month.

We send buyers who have come to us after filling out a pre-qualification application. They are ready to buy!

Our applicants are targeted because they have displayed a strong interest in a Powersports  purchase, and have actually pursued us.  They’ve gone as far as filling out a pre-qualification application. They are low-hanging fruit.

We provide you with more than just a name and phone number.

Your monthly buyer applications will include important details to help you close the deal:

  • What type of Powersports model they’d like to purchase
  • What they’d like their monthly payments to be
  • Approximate credit score
  • Name, email and phone number

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