Think about it…

What would your dealership do with up to ONE HUNDRED new and highly qualified buyer applications coming in every month?

Using the latest digital marketing technologies, the Encompass Marketing Buyer Application Program delivers up to 100 high-quality buyer applications to your inbox every single month.

This isn’t a cold junk list.  These buyers are ready to make a purchase.

Our applicants are targeted because they have displayed a strong interest in a motorcycle purchase, and have actually pursued us.  They’ve gone as far as filling out a pre-qualification application. They are ready to buy.

You’re not just going to get a name and phone number.

Your monthly buyer applications will include important details to help you close the deal:

  • What type of  model they’d like to purchase
  • What they’d like their monthly payments to be
  • Approximate credit score
  • Name, email and phone number

Our partner dealers are seeing 10-20+ extra sales per month using our new program.