Our 3-touch technique employs a targeted, multichannel campaign of email, sms and voicemail designed to generate immediate response. The return on this strategy has resulted in an additional 5, 10 or 20 new deals being closed over as little as a weekend.


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Our CRM can send thousands of Ringless Voicemails to target customers.  The message doesn’t ring the customers phone, instead the message is transferred from one server to another without bothering the customer.  Since cell phone owners listen to 96% of their voicemails your message is sure to be heard.  All campaigns come with reports on calls, option to listen to messages and appointments made.

Types of Ringless Voicemail Messages that work best:

  • Sales Events
  • Buy Back / Vehicle Upgrade Message to Equity Customers
  • Lost Service Client / Service Specials
  • New Model Arrivals
  • Recall Notices
  • Special Finance Event (targeting high interest rate clients that have been in vehicle over 24 months)
  • Sales Manager (or GM) message to showroom visitors that do not buy

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