“I should stop in there one day.”


Think about the many people who have driven by your business hundreds of times and said this to themselves.  The truth is, they may never stop in.  Until they have a very good reason to!

We harness the power of digital advertising data in our  Birthday Offer Program to help increase foot traffic into your local business.  Here’s how it works…


Cutting-Edge Technology to Reach Targets with Upcoming Birthdays



Give local audiences a good reason to finally come in to your business. 

We send your target audience, within 5-10 miles of your business, an offer they cannot refuse using innovative chatbot technology to help ensure they redeem your offer.


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For restaurants, our clients who use the Birthday Offer Program find that the average group size is 2-4 people, and their average ticket is typically around $78.00.

Go ahead, test out this sample Birthday Offer Program automation to see how messenger chatbots can help you get more customers.


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Here’s what you’ll get with the program:

  • Brainstorming strategy session to determine the best offer for your business
  • Setup and design of your birthday offer ad + coupon
  • Chatbot buildout, specific to your business
  • Custom-timed reminders to potential clients if they have not redeemed your offer
  • Regular reporting to let you know how much you’re actually making from your program
  • Using our chatbot, you can send future offers to the customers who redeemed your coupon

Interested in learning how the Birthday Offer Program can help bring new customers into your business?

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